Children´s story ”Sid, the little lost seed”

Session I

Once upon a time there was a green speck surrounded by a brown desert. It was a very small forest, but full of life, surrounded by brown earth as far as the eye could see.

Inside the forest lived many plants and many happy animals, and they played with each other all day without having to worry about a thing. Outside the forest, however, everything was sadness and there were hardly any animals or plants; it was a great void, colorless and lifeless.

The plants helped keep the forest alive thanks to their seeds, which made the forest grow little by little. The rain and the sun were in charge of helping the little seeds so that they could become adult plants.

Some more timid little seeds fell near their mother and would stay there to live. However, the most adventurous little seeds asked their animal friends or the wind for help to go live in new places. Of course, not even the most adventurous seed was crazy enough to go live outside the forest, to the sad lands.

Session II

One day, a little tree seed named Sid wanted to go to the edge of the forest to see with his own eyes the lands that surrounded his home, those lifeless lands that he had been told so much about. When he reached the edge, what he saw made his heart sad.

Suddenly, a bright light in the sky, and soon after a loud sound that frightened him. Sid wanted to return to the safety of the interior of the forest, but it began to rain so much that a flood formed with such bad luck that he found Sid on his way.

Sid was dragged around by the water for a long time, he swallowed so much water that his body became chubby. Just when she thought she couldn’t be saved and would drown, the sun came out and the water stopped running.

He immediately realized that he was very far from his forest and he became so sad that he began to cry; she was lost and alone and no one could comfort her. Everything she knew, all her friends, all her happiness had been left far away. The only ones who stayed with her were the sun and the rain, but they were very quiet and never wanted to play with her.

One fine day, when the bright sun was warming the ground, Sid began to change. Suddenly, a small white leg began to grow, which it buried in the ground, and then a little green arm raised up. The days passed and the only visits Sid had were those of the sun and the rain, which although they did not play with her, helped her become a tiny plant.

A passing butterfly was interested in knowing why a plant had gone to live in such a sad place. – Why are you living here? – asked the butterfly; -Because I got lost and I can no longer return to my home with my friends and my family- Sid began to cry when he remembered his home – I am alone and I would like to have friends, do you want to stay and live with me?- our friend continued the Seed Sid. -Living the two of us alone is very boring, I’m going to look for a place with more friends to enjoy and laugh with- answered the butterfly and went away flapping its wings.

Session III

Months passed and Sid continued to grow with the help of the only friends he still had; the rain and the sun.

Over the years, Sid grew into a big, strong tree; so big that the birds that passed by wanted to go and perch on its branches. Some of them stayed to live with Sid and built their nests in its branches, where they raised their chicks.

A squirrel also chose a hole in one of its branches to stay and live. At his feet, a hedgehog chose a hole to make his house, which Sid liked very much because it tickled him with its spikes. Even the butterfly that visited her when she was little went to live with Sid, and they became very good friends.

Little by little, more animals and other little seeds went to live under the protection of Sid’s branches. Our little seed, who spent her first years of life alone and sad, had more and more friends and her life was happier; so happy that the day came when he was no longer sad to remember his old home.

As the years passed, Sid realized that his home was no longer the forest in which he was born. Sid had created, with the help of his little friends, a new forest where everyone could live happily and joyfully. There was no longer a single green spot in the middle of the brown desert; now there were two green spots and the world was a little better.

— Dani Trigueros

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